Defining Your E.D.G.E.

E.D.G.E. guides Small Business Owners to reach (and achieve) their goals through Disciplined bi-weekly meetings of 8 – 10 peers that result in improved Accountability and obliteration of business Challenges.  These Action meetings are supplemented with business content supplied by Empowering Small Business in workshops that address tools to improve performance in the 5 pillars of business – Marketing, Sales, Operations, Administration, and Leadership.

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Dave Kauffman Founder of Empowering Small Business

Our Mission

To empower individuals and small businesses to succeed, through proven strategies guided by integrity, education,motivation and inspiration.

Dave Kauffman’s goal with Empowering Small Business is to give back what he has been blessed with; VisionSuccess, and the Creativity to pursue a Predictable, Profitable, Turnkey business.

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Empowering Events


John C. Maxwell says “Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.” If you are not the one influencing your company’s direction then who is? Our Leadership workshops, seminars, webinars, and events are designed to take you closer to being the leader your company needs and deserves.

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Direct marketing, info-marketing, digital marketing, content marketing… the ways that you can reach out to your customers and prospects are changing at the speed of thought. Our Marketing workshops, seminars, webinars, and events are designed to give you the building blocks to take your business to the next level with marketing that makes a difference to your bottom line.

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“Nothing happens in business until a sale is made.”  Sales mastery is a life-long commitment that produces a better ROI than anything else you will ever invest in. Every day in every interaction you have with someone a sale is made. Our Sales workshops, seminars, webinars, and events are all designed from the ground up to help you with one thing…Close More Sales.

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Making one customer happy is easy, but making a thousand customers happy is a little harder unless you know exactly what needs to be done. Operations effect every aspect of your business and one misplaced process could bring the entire company crashing down. Our Operational workshops, seminars, webinars, and events are designed to take you over the hump and solve the problems you can’t seem to get past.

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Your people are the valuable asset you have in business. Learning to manage the people and the numbers behind the people is what our Administration workshops, seminars, webinars, and events are all about.

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Upcoming Events

At Empowering Small Business our workshops, seminars, webinars, and events are all designed for small business owners by small business owners to help you succeed through proven strategies guided by integrityeducationmotivation, and inspiration.

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You have just found an opportunity to get inspired and get your business going.

How will you act?

Take control of your life and business with Empowering Small Business!

With Empowering Small Business, it is our mission to empower individuals and guide them to their own success story. We accomplish this through proven strategies that are built from integrity, education, motivation, and inspiration.

Our Vision is to host events where highly-trusted small business coaches and consultants from around America can Empower, Enhance, and Equip small business owners with the will and spirit to succeed.

Do you have control of your business? Are you being OWNED by your business?

Gain the confidence today and start OWNING your business, your future, your independence, your DREAM!

We provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with renewed hope, inspiration, and refreshment for their motivation. All of these being essential building blocks for a solid foundation of direction, allowing you to gain traction so you can hit the ground running instead of just spinning your wheels.

Empowering Small Business believes in YOU!

Every one of us has the opportunity to experience amazing successes throughout our lifetime and we are committed to helping you find your purpose, realize your dreams, and achieve your goals.

UncleSam2Join us in the revolutionizing small businesses across America and around the world. 

Through diligence and perseverance, Success can and will be achieved!

Have the opportunity to meet and gain wisdom from experts in small business and learn just how you can succeed.

Prepare to be renewed, invigorated, and EMPOWERED!

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