Meet The Team

Dave Kauffman

Dave Kauffman

Dave Kauffman was born on a large farm in rural GA, it was there that Dave discovered he was an entrepreneur at the ripe age of 6 years old, he and his very first business partner/sister started his first business together, it was a lemonade stand.

Their customers ranged from thirsty farmers to total strangers. It was also there that Dave learned about adding value to existing clients, so he and his Sister started baking cookies to go along with the lemonade.

While in the 7th grade he and his cousin started “Best Team Auction Co” where during recess they would auction off any items their classmates would bring to sell and in August of 2012, he fulfilled a lifelong DREAM of his! He became a licensed auctioneer. He later went on and tried his skills at raising pigs and cows it was through this experience he discovered he was not a farmer.

Today he owns four businesses all of which are debt free and profitable, he is a pilot, diver and an inventor, and has been the guest speaker of several organization and has been featured on air as well as local print media.

Dave owns Empowering Small Business and has helped small businesses owners across the country by Empowering their Dreams of truly owning their business instead of being OWNED by the business.

Dave has been coached and continues to learn from some of the worlds best small business coaches, Howard Partridge, Mark Ehrlich,   “Inner Circle Member” and belongs to Team Phenomenal , and is a huge fan of Zig Ziglar

He guarantees that your business will change if you implement just some of the great information and tips you will receive if you attend our events, or your money back!

Dave is married to his lovely wife Toni and they both personally invite you to Empowering Small Business events and workshops. We look forward to meeting you!


Mical Johnson

Mical Johnson

Mical Johnson is an internet marketing veteran with over a decade in the business. His past clients have been featured in Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, PC Magazine, Forbes, Inc 5000 fastest growing companies, Fox News plus many other publications.

As a digital marketing strategist, Mr. Johnson helps clients by optimizing their online sales processes, focusing on simple tasks that bring the highest ROI (return on investment), and creating a consistent brand message throughout their online properties.

Mr. Johnson is an expert in selecting and implementing the most cost effective tools and applications to best utilize the digital landscape to increase business profits and drive traffic virtually on demand.

Mical considers himself a Digital Marketing Junkie, Internet Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Loving Husband, Proud Father, and Good Son.

Today he resides in Sarasota, FL with his wife and children and he can be found investing his time in companies and people.

Mical brings is digital marketing acumen to the Empowering Small Business Team and shares it freely with the community.

Ron Klein

Ron Klein

Ron Klein’s background includes several different roles ranging from inventor, entrepreneur, CEO and engineer. His inventions are diverse and have impacted billions of people worldwide: (the magnetic card strip for credit cards, credit card validity checking system, Real Estate MLS, voice response for banking and BOND quotation and trade information system for the NYSE).

He was the founder and CEO of Technitrend, Inc., a public company which designed and manufactured data systems including a unique solution for a nutrition company that enabled the growth of healthier chickens in eight weeks, much less than the average growth cycle. Ron also founded General Associates. Inc. GA started by representing other company’s products in the field of data communications.  GA acquired and provided special teleprinters combined with acoustic couplers so that hearing impaired individuals could communicate with the hearing. He modified special teleprinters that would impregnate paper tape with the braille code, so that the visually impaired could read messages received over communication lines.

In 1979, General Associates began their relationship with the New York Stock Exchange. They established operations at NYSE at 11 Wall Street, providing special teletypewriter equipment needed to support the NYSE’s requirements for trading floor expansion.  They provided maintenance and service for trading floor operations and technical expertise in the area of hardware and software development. Their expertise and technical skills in the field of financial data systems and services earned Ron and his company tremendous credibility with NYSE and the financial community. In 1983, Ron developed a system to provide up to the minute bond quotation and trade information for the members of the NYSE and other financial institutions. It provided transparency and was operational for more than a quarter of a century. General Associates also provided the video display systems to the American Stock Exchange, Philadelphia Stock Exchange, New York Futures Exchange and New York COMEX.

To this day, Ron continues to invent and has developed a patent for a device called The Ident-Eye-Fier. It gives a visually impaired person the ability to identify a person or item when in physical range of that person or item. It utilizes a smartphone, camera glasses and an earpiece.

Ron is a graduate of Temple University with a BS in Electrical Engineering. He and his wife Arlene have two children, four grandchildren and reside in Sarasota, FL. Ron and Arlene are supporters of the Morris Animal Foundation.  Arlene serves on the Board of Trustees. MAF funds animal health studies for all species of animals.   Ron is a Senior Olympian bicyclist medal winner, and a sailing enthusiast.

Ron is gracious enough to give back to the Empowering Small Business community and is an invaluable asset to the team.