EDGE is:


… caring communities of 8-10 small business leaders meeting twice monthly in a boardroom setting. The members of these groups become trusted advisers serving as accountability partners and together they mastermind to obliterate business challenges.

An experienced business professional facilitates and steers the group to the goal of Exceptional Discipline Generates Excellence.

Our Values:

We believe that the backbone of America is made up of the innovative, trail- blazing solopreneurs and small business owners.
We dream of a safe haven where these hard working risk takers can come to help one another and most importantly, be helped.

Our vision is to equip these individuals with the tools and guidance necessary that will lead them to phenomenal success.

The way we accomplish this is through bi-monthly strategy sessions where a business owner can present a challenge or issue and the group then masterminds viable solutions to that challenge.

We have created safe, inclusive groups of people that embrace a caring and sharing model. THIS is the foundation upon which joy and abundance rest.

We create confident, savvy business people thoroughly equipped to GIVE and GROW.                                                

Would you like to become one?

Exceptional   –  Discipline  –  Generates  –  Excellence

Need an EDGE?

God provides for the birds of the air, YES, but he doesn’t throw the worms in the nest.  Action is required and EDGE gives you a leg up on competition that don’t seek advice or strive for excellence.


THANK YOU to Eric Ross who composed this ‘Golden Circle’, an inspirational leadership concept created by Simon Sinek.

If you are ready to grow your business with the support of your EDGE Peer Advisory Board EDGE, complete the application:

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At Empowering Small Business we find that small business owners are desperate for support! We know that small business owners struggle for unbiased answers. We aren’t able to share everything with our employees about sensitive issues and can’t always talk with our spouses about challenges and business coaches can be expensive……. So who do you talk to for accurate advice?

What Edge-Logo-small has for you:

  • Business owners sharing with other business owners discussing your challenges
  • Goal Achieving and Problem Solving through Accountability
  • Your own Board of Directors of Small Business Owners
  • Trusted anonymity with non-compete members devoid of ulterior motives
  • Mastermind solutions to business challenges
  • Business Education, Coaching, Relationship building
  • An experienced facilitator and a team of coaches/consultants that attend member meetings.
  • Members meet twice monthly in a confidential setting.

If you and your Business…

  • want to increase your productivity,
  • want to become more efficient and learn from other business owners,
  • would benefit to have peers you can bounce ideas off of for your business challenges,
  • would receive benefit from peers that served as trusted advisers to hold you accountable with your goals,
  • want the benefits of your own board of directors,

Then connect with Edge-Logo-small which offers Exceptional Discipline (to) Generate Excellence in your business. Apply Now.

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Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

40th U.S. President

“Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States”