possible - flickr - Arya ZiaiRecently I was having coffee with a friend and in the course of conversation my friend said he could never do that.

I challenged him to consider the power of his own words. We need to be careful what we say because words really do matter.

Words really do carry weight.

I would challenge you to this experiment. Pick whatever you think that you could never do and for 1 year say out loud “I am (whatever it is that you said that you could never do).”

Example – “I am a public speaker.” “I am a skydiver.” “I am a singer.”

I will bet you that at the end of the year you will have accomplished whatever you thought that you could never do.

Obligate your goals to a few close friends. Example – “By 2014, I own an airplane.” “In 2 years I am financially free.”

If you remind yourself how motivated you are and how much of an achiever you are, your mind will start to believe it. On the other hand, if you remind yourself how limited you are and how insecure you are, your mind will believe it as well. It is your choice.

Say you can and you will.

Say you can’t and you won’t.